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  • Wednesday, Day 29/07/2020
  • Is organic wine a trend in the world?

    Organic products seem to dominate the world today. People started to pay attention to green products and protect the planet. Not only food, even clothes are made from organic cotton and silk. And this trend has also spread to the wine industry.

    Organic wine has been on the market since the 80s, but at that time the quality was not appreciated. After that, the wineries adjusted the way of making wine and organic wine became one of the trendy beverages in 2009 - According to a survey by the American Restaurant Association.

    Here are 5 reasons why you should drink organic wine

    1. Organic wines are usually better

    For most people who drink, taste is the most important factor. Organic wines are carefully crafted with great care. The grapes are carefully classified and the fermentation process is completely natural, not artificial. Vines have to root themselves deep underground to find water, which makes the roots of the vine very firm and focuses on the plants and grapes and also helps to create wines with unique flavors. .


    2. Wine contains little or no chemicals

    Certified organic wineries will not be allowed to use pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers in their vineyards. Instead, they will use natural methods such as compost, green manure, lawn mowing or weeding instead of herbicides, or releasing birds to eat deep in vineyards. Genetically modified microorganisms are also banned, organic wine absolutely does not contain genetically modified yeasts.

    Sulfur is used in very small doses or without use. If you are chemical sensitive or fearful of herbicides, then organic alcohols may be a good choice for you.


    3. Organic wine has a social responsibility

    Many wineries committed to the production of organic wines are also very concerned with ecological sustainability and environmental ethics and workers. Organisms that originate naturally from the vineyard are protected rather than destroyed, shrubs, wildflowers and weeds are left to the wild, allowing them to lose a portion of their production in each season to preserve balanced ecosystem.

    This approach shows the pub's interest in the farmers' land and well-being. The amount of carbon is also kept to the minimum possible. While morality is manifested in different effects on vineyards, regular use of organic wines also means advocacy for a greener earth and happier farmers.


    4. Organic wines have less variation in quality in terms of season than regular wines

    In bad years, regular wines suffer a great deal of quality. They may not reach maturity, have low yield, or tolerate various diseases.

    For organic wines, vineyards are more resistant to nature and disease, so they can produce better quality than regular wines during bad weather.

    This means that once you have confidence in certain organic wineries, the quality of the wine does not change between seasons.


    5. The price is relatively suitable

    Although the price of organic wines is higher than that of regular wines, the difference is understandable for paying more labor, manual winemaking processes, vineyard yields. The lower the time it takes to make organic wines, compared to regular wines. However, there are also many great organic wines in the organic making regions that are very affordable.

    Organic wine is not only good for human health, environmental protection and society, but its quality is just as good as other regular wines, even better (comparable price).

    If you are afraid that organic wine is just the “trend” and it will come to an end, I think after reading this article you can reconsider buying a bottle of organic wine about the benefits it offers. again.

    Cazes are some of the famous organic and biodynamic wineries of the French Rousillon that you can find in Vietnam by importer Da Loc.

    Cazes was founded in 1895 in Riversaltes, the heart of Rousillon, between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea. The strengths that make the winery stand out include: Being one of the finest wineries, pioneering a biodynamic, highly regarded bio-wine culture at Roussillon and developed in wine tourism industry.


    Cazes Ego

    WeWine rượu vang Domaine Cazes Ego

    Domaine Cazes Ego has the meaning of a profound Ego, expressing the individual personality of each individual. Made from three varieties of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre grapes from old vineyards that are about 50 years old and produced in limited quantities.
    A complex wine with balanced flavors and appeal. This is a sturdy bottle of wine so it can be left in the cellar for a very long time from 10 to 15 years.

    Domaine Cazes Ego is the ideal wine bottle as a gift for those with a deep understanding of wine.


    Homage and Le Canon du Marechal

    Cazes Homage was born to commemorate the great patriot Marechal Joffre of Roussillon.
    This wine line is also an explanation of the secrets of the Cazes vines, conveying the best from the vineyards associated with nature.
    Made from 3 varieties of syrah - grenache - mourvedre grapes, with red fruit scent, smelling cigarette, green pepper, characteristic of the sunshine of Roussillon. The taste is plump, smooth and well balanced.

    You can buy organic wines at WeWine stores. 


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