Bisol Belstar – sparkling Prosecco for all occasions

  • Sunday, Day 13/12/2020
  • Prosecco is a very popular sparkling wine in the world because of its reasonable price and excellent quality. What do you know about Prosecco?

    Prosecco is the name of a sparkling wine and also the name of a region located in Valdobbiadene, Veneto, Italy. What special about Prosecco is that it is made from the Glera grape variety, with the typical tasting notes of apple, melon, lemon and peach. Unlike Champagne, Prosecco is fermented for a short time from 1 to 3 months in stainless steel tanks, helping to keep the freshness and fruity aroma in the wine and also makes the price become much more reasonable.

    Prosecco has many different styles and qualities, so this is the ideal wine for many occasions such as picnics, celebrations with friends, or an impressive gifts for partners, customers. 

    Bisol winemakers
    Bisol winemakers


    When referring to Prosecco manufacturers, we must mention Bisol - the iconic producer of Prosecco Italy. Bisol is a traditional sparkling wine producer with a long history since 1542. The Bisol family attaches great importance to natural elements and respects the soil, and thus its vineyards are all naturally grown in an organic way, and grapes are hand-harvested.

    Bisol was in the Top 200 Best Producers in the World voted by Decanter magazine for many years and 4 continuous years being the only Prosecco Producer in the Top 287 World's Best Producers by Wine Spectator.

    And the name Belstar means beautiful land. The name symbolizes elegance and lifestyle.

    Bisol Belstar Prosecco Brut
    Bisol Belstar Prosecco Brut


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