Bisol Jeio Prosecco Rose

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Color: The Tiepolo – a very famous Venetian artist – Pink in the glass offers delicate and brilliant nuances.

Flavor: Soft and balanced, clean-cut, distinct and elegantly penetrating.

Bouquet: Floral, the sweetness of rose and lily with a fresh citrus fragrance.

Bisol1542 represents, since 1542, the purest interpretation of Prosecco created in Valdobbiadene area. Jeio collection is the fruit of two interwoven love stories. On one side is the Bisol family with their vineyards that they have been nurturing for generations with care and dedication. On the other side is the love of Giovanna Bisol for her husband Desiderio, whom she affectionately called “Jeio”.

Jeio was a true pioneer of Prosecco and this line of sparklings is the contemporary, fresh and cosmopolitan face of Bisol1542, a winery always proud of its long tradition, but ever ready to evolve and look towards the future. Jeio is the meeting point between the typically Italian “savoir faire” with spontaneity and cosmopolitan informality

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