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  • Tuesday, Day 15/12/2020
  • Want to learn about wine but don't know where to start? Here are some popular Wine magazines that you should take your time to check out. Each magazine brings about a lot of useful information about the wine world, helping you to master the wine knowledge from basic to advance. Wish you have interesting moments.

    1. Wine Spectator 

    Wine Spectator is a lifestyle magazine that focuses on wine and wine culture and gives out ratings to certain types of wine. It publishes 15 issues per year with content that includes news, articles, profiles, and general entertainment pieces. Each issue also includes from 400 to more than 1,000 wine reviews, which consist of wine ratings and tasting notes. 

    Wine Spectator, like most other major wine publications, rates wine on a 100-point scale. The magazine's policy also states that editors review wines in blind tastings. Wine Spectator's current critics include executive editor Thomas Mathews; editor-at-large Harvey Steiman; senior editors James Laube, Kim Marcus, Bruce Sanderson, Tim Fish, James Molesworth, Alison Napjus and MaryAnn Worobiec; associate editor Gillian Sciaretta and associate tasting coordinator Aleksandar Zecevic. 


    2. Decanter

    Decanter is a wine and wine-lifestyle magazine, published in about 90 countries on a monthly basis. The magazine includes industry news, vintage guides and wine and spirits recommendations. Its contents include news, topical dissertations, travel surveys, interviews, analysis and market reports. 

    While it is aimed to consumers, a significant part of its audience also consists both of traders and producers. Differently from other magazines which focus on many wines from various regions and countries, Decanter issues offer in-depth reviews of wines from two regions at times. Decanter's readers are generally younger than the readers of similar publications, with 41% readers under 45 years old. 

    Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA) is a wine competition founded in 2004 and is the world's biggest wine competition with over 15,000 entries per year. 


    3. Robert Parker

    Robert M. Parker Jr. is a U.S. wine critic. His wine ratings on a 100-point scale and his newsletter The Wine Advocate are influential in American wine buying and are therefore a major factor in setting the prices for newly released Bordeaux wines. This made him the most widely known and influential wine critic in the world.

    The scale, now widely imitated in other publications (such as Wine Spectator), ranks wine on a scale from 50 to 100 points based upon the wine's color and appearance, aroma and bouquet, flavor and finish, and overall quality level or potential.


    4. James Suckling

    James Suckling is an American wine and cigar critic and former Senior Editor and European Bureau Chief of Wine Spectator as well as European Editor of Cigar Aficionado. Suckling is internationally regarded as one of the world's most influential wine critics, and one of the most experienced critics of vintage cigars.

    During his time with Wine Spectator, Suckling tasted an average of 4000 wines annually, half of which were Italian wines.  Responding to Corriere della Sera on how he "understood, judged, and recognised a fine wine", Suckling replied, "I put more emphasis on what I taste in the mouth; I find the concentration of fruit, of the tannins, the alcohol and the acid. The most revealing element is the persistence of the taste in the mouth, the aftertaste. And another thing to bear in mind is that a wine is like a person, there isn't one which is the same as the next. It should be an emotion, not something scientific. Fine wine is harmony, the balance of all the characteristics which I look for." 

    5. Wine Enthusiast

    Wine Enthusiast is a magazine and website specializing in wines, spirits, food and travel. Founded in 1988 by Adam Strum, the magazine is run from its headquarters in New York and has a distribution of more than 500,000 readers. 
    Wine Enthusiast's 100-point wine-scoring scale:
    •    98–100 – Classic
    •    94–97 – Superb
    •    90–93 – Excellent
    •    87–89 – Very good
    •    83–86 – Good
    •    80–82 – Acceptable

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