Casablanca Cefiro Reserva Sauvignon Blanc

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Tasting note:

The wine is bright yellow with a green tint. Opening the wine spread the scent of ripe apricot, tangerine, and passion fruit in combination with the taste of elderberry, nettle and mint. These flavors will continue to spread in the palate with the combination of stable acidity.

This is a great bottle of wine thanks to its rich concentration and toned structure. In the palate, the wine exhibits a strong but soft tannin taste and an elegant oak taste. In addition, the wine bottle also scores with a great texture and mineral taste that appear simultaneously with the aftertaste filled with the scent, leaving a condensed aftertaste, lingering long after drinking.

Winery introduction:

Casablanca wines are the world-class and worldbeating wines that capture the essence of the best grapes and territories in Chile, and they represent a passion for quality that aims to create new world wine that are young, modern and innovative. Vina Casablanca is from the Casablanca Valley, and has been voted the winery of the last decade in Chile.

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