Casablanca Nimbus Single Vineyard Chardonnay

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    Wine type: White Wine

    Country: Chile

    Grape: Chardonnay

    Brands: Casablanca


    Alcohol attracts the attention of users with the bright yellow color with the scent of litchi and almonds, which gives the drinker a captivating vivid feeling that they can never forget.
    In the palate, the wine imparts a lively aroma of white peach and lemon. The richness of fresh grapefruit and the custard flavor add a smooth creamy layer from natural fermentation and stirring. Every drop of wine always makes a miracle to evaluate when melting and exploding to every sense of the user.
    Another special feature, this bottle has the perfect balance with the flawed minerals and oak spice, creating the finish with a strong and lasting fresh aftertaste.

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Product details

Casablanca wines are the world-class and worldbeating wines that capture the essence of the best grapes and territories in Chile, and they represent a passion for quality that aims to create new world wine that are young, modern and innovative. Vina Casablanca is from the Casablanca Valley, and has been voted the winery of the last decade in Chile.

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