Cave de Lugny Lugny Saint Pierre Single Estate

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    Wine type: White Wine

    Country: France

    Grape: Chardonnay


    Origin:  Mâconnais,  Bourgogne – France

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Tasting note:

Beautiful yellow color with golden hints, clear and shiny. Fine and flattering, with floral notes of lime tree and a pretty fresh fruit showing a hint of lemon. Characterized by freshness and finesse, the attack is very pure and sharp, with a lot of elegance.

Winery introduction:

The Cave de Lugny is firmly rooted in the Mâconnais countryside and is proud of its origins and history which have made it a specialist in Southern Burgundy wines. Our forward-thinking winery seeks to grow by taking a total quality approach, which encompasses not only the quality of the wines produced, but also the quality of the working conditions, the relationship between employees and producers, and top quality customer service.

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