Top Champagne – Prestige Cuvee for special occasion

  • Tuesday, Day 22/12/2020
  • For your new bride or groom, a beloved parent, or a rare family gathering this holiday season, only a special bottle of Champagne will do. Enter the Prestige Cuvée.

    Champagne Drappier Grande Sendree

    Prestige cuvees are a Champagne house's finest product. Most Champagne houses produce a prestige cuvee and some make more than one. Most prestige cuvees are of a single vintage and they tend to be more expensive than other Champagnes. The reward for your expense is a more complex and intense drink. The bubbles are finer, the aromas more elegant and the finish is longer.
    So what makes the cuvee the best and the most prestigious and, of course, the most expensive? Is all the glamour just peripheral?

    No wonder the prestige cuvees account for less than 5% of the total champagne production.

    Though there are no laws governing the production of prestige cuvees, champagne houses apply rigorous standards in their production since the results should show top quality and elegance.

    Usually in the production of champagne, grapes are pressed three times. But for a prestige cuvee, the juice from only the first pressing tete de cuvee (head of the cuvee) is used. This amounts to a very small quantity. Add to this the infrequent release of this special edition of champagne.
    Prestige cuvees are not made every year. You have to wait until a vintage year which comes only a few times in a decade. 
    Prestige cuvee's price also is one of its attractions. But once you taste it with senses that can discern elegance, you may understand that the price is justified.

    Champagne Deutz trio prestige
    Deutz trio prestige


    We are proud of introducing prestige cuvee from prestigious Champagne which WeWine distributes.

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