As the leading company in fostering wine culture in Vietnam since 1995, WeWine pride ourselves on our history, prestige and experience in wine industry and we are also proud of the Sommelier team who are full of passion and knowledge. 

Sommeliers are experts in wine industry. They are people with extraordinary tasting and smelling abilities; and with superd memories. They can remember hundreds of different wines from all over the world. Sommeliers are considered a treasure in wine industry as there are few of them. In the world, Sommelier is not a popular profession, not to mention in Vietnam.

Road to become a Sommelier is not easy at all. Besides innate abilities, smelling and tasting training, and foreign language ability, they must be truly passionate about wine and pursue it in the long term.

Sommeliers of WeWines

Sommelier Le Hoang Khanh Vi


Award: First runner-up of Vietnam Best French Wine Sommelier 2016
Certificate: WSET level 3 
Khanh Vi graduated with a Master's degree in Wine Tourism Innovation from WINTOUR program, which is affiliated with universities in 3 countries including: France, Portugal and Spain. After that, Khanh Vi had a practical time working as Assistant Winemaker at Mas Zenitude winery in France.
Khánh Vi is fluent in English, French and has good command of Spanish.
Khanh Vi is a talented Sommelier with in-depth knowledge and has undergone professional practice in leading wine producing countries in Europe.
Currently, Khanh Vi is Head Sommelier and Training Director of WeWine in the South.

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Sommelier Lincoln Vu (Vu Duc Linh)


Award: Winner of Vietnam Best French Wine Sommelier 2019
Certificate: WSET level 3 
Lincoln has studied and worked in Switzerland for 4 years, majoring in Hotel and Restaurant Management, and has worked at Hilton Hotel in Florida, USA for 1 year. After returning to Vietnam, Sommelier Lincoln held the position of Restaurant Manager cum Sommelier at JW Marriott Hanoi for 5 years.
Lincoln Vu is considered as one of the talented professionals who have not only knowledge but also practical experience in both Vietnam and foreign countries. 
Currently, Lincoln Vu is Sommelier and Training Director of WeWine in the North.

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Sommelier Truong Le Nhu Uyen


Award: 2rd runner –up of Vietnam Best French Wine Sommelier 2019
Before starting her career at WeWine, Uyen had may years of practical experience in restaurants. After that, Uyen joined the Company, trained by foreign experts and has have attached with Da Loc for a long time.  
With a strong passion for Wine, Uyen is a potential factor in developing wine industry.
Currently, Truong Le Nhu Uyen is Sommelier and Training Specialist of WeWine in the South.

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