Domaine Tariquet Côté

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Tasting note:

A successful alliance between two strong identities found in an original and unique blend. Chardonnay and Sauvignon are two opposing varieties that blend beautifully in multiple and astonishing citruses and pink grapefruit flavors. The mineral notes of the Sauvignon is subtly reinforced by the roundness of the Chardonnay. The palate is engulfed and caressed with an elegant freshness.

Winery introduction:

Domaine Tariquet is located in Eauze, in the heart of Gascony in the South-West of France. The estate has been owned by the Grassa family since 1912. It has been a historical producer of Armagnac since 1683. The estate breaks new ground in 1982: the fourth generation, Maïté and her brother Yves, creates the Classic, a refreshing and crisp white wine made from Ugni blanc which was then

only used for Armagnacs. After several years, Colombard is added to the Ugni blanc. The wine is then awarded, in 1987, as Wine of the Year in

London. Yves Grassa is designated “White Winemaker of the Year” by the International Wine Challenge, in London.

Yves Grassa, The Owner is awarded White Winemaker of the Year 1987 by International Wine Challenge

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