Due Palme Angelini (A)

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    Wine type: Red wine

    Country: Italy

    Area: Puglia

    Grape: Malvasia Nera - Merlot - Negroamaro

    Brands: Due Palme


    Appellation: Squinzano DOP
    Rich red wine with aromas of vanilla, dark fruits, spice tinged plum conserve flavors and exceptionally full, ripe and smooth on the palate. Balsamic finish.

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Today Due Palme is the leader in foreign markets all around the globe: 37 countries worldwide accounting for 12 million bottles per annum. Just like the strong and warming sun of the Puglian region the energy of Cantine due Palme has blazed a trail and lit up the way towards realizing its own dream of spreading the quality of its wines to every corner of the world.
Due Palme is the biggest winery in Puglia

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