Due Palme Salento IGP Malvasia Nera Seraia

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This wine is known as “The President’s Wine” as it is produced from old vineyards planted with vines pruned using the ancient Alberello system in 1968 by Angelo Maci himself in the La Mea district of Cellino San Marco.

At harvest time the Primitivo and Aglianico grapes are carefully selected by handpicking into boxes and then a part of them are dried (Appassimento) in the cellars which are kept free of humidity to avoid spoilage. The concentrated juice extracted from the berries is very high in sugars and yields a wine with great body and structure .

This extraordinary wine is then aged for 9 months in new barrels before being bottled in numbered bottles and aged a little longer before being released for sale.

Tasting notes:

A ruby red colour with a complex  and elegant nose showing hints of  raspberry and pomegranate. In the  mouth it has a soft tannin with  complex fl avours and good length of  finish.

Winery introduction:

Today Due Palme is the leader in foreign markets all around the globe: 37 countries worldwide accounting for 12 million bottles per annum. Just like the strong and warming sun of the Puglian region the energy of Cantine due Palme has blazed a trail and lit up the way towards realizing its own dream of spreading the quality of its wines to every corner of the world.

Due Palme is the biggest winery in Puglia

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