Due Palme Selvarossa Salice Salentino Riserva D.O.P

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The flower of our production, as well as a symbol of excellence and in the selection of the grapes Selvarossa, is also a star and the essence of the Salento region; a wine that captures the warmth and flavors of the Mediterranean.

Negroamaro has 3000 years of history in the region during which it has evolved to give wines with solid tannins and a deep, rich almost black color giving rise to its name in the local dialect “niuru maru”. The Malvasia Nera by contrast is noted for its elegance and soft fruity character. Both varieties are grown in the Alberello style on the red baked clay soils and hand-harvested into cases; some are then dried in the cellars to concentrate the sugars and flavours and to enrich the structure. The Selvarossa is aged for 9 months in French oak barriques before a final ageing in bottle .

Tasting notes:

Intense ruby red in color, with garnet shades. Intense and elegant cherry, ripe fruit, and spices aroma, with scents of vanilla, tobacco, and licorice. Taste full and velvety, soft and enveloping.

Winery introduction:

Today Due Palme is the leader in foreign markets all around the globe: 37 countries worldwide accounting for 12 million bottles per annum. Just like the strong and warming sun of the Puglian region the energy of Cantine due Palme has blazed a trail and lit up the way towards realizing its own dream of spreading the quality of its wines to every corner of the world.

Due Palme is the biggest winery in Puglia

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