Vignerons Ardechois Esprit de Noé Syrah - Merlot Rosé 2021

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Tasting note:

This cuvée reveals a brilliant colour with a slightly coral hue, a promise of a wine full of elegance and delicacy. The nose is bright, round and fruity with aromas of strawberry and raspberry. The palate is round and balanced with a good length.

Winery introduction:

Vignerons Ardéchois is a group of cooperative wineries created in 1967 and comprising 14 cellars located in the southern half of Ardèche. Winemaking is carried out by the cellars according to the characteristics of each product in terms of grape variety, terroir and equipment. The Union’s oenology department oversees the winemaking and decides upon the most suitable approach for each wine. Its bottled or bag-in-box brands are packaged in-house. 


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