Chenin Blanc

White wine has been increasingly popular in the Vietnamese market, especially for newbies, those who want to try low-alcohol wines first; or customers who prefer a dry, fresh wine style.

Today, let's explore Chenin Blanc - a famous white wine grape variety in the world with WeWine.

Chenin Blanc


Where is Chenin Blanc grown?

Chenin Blanc is grown around the world, most notably in the Loire Valley of France and South Africa, in a variety of styles:

In South Africa, Chenin Blanc is the most planted wine grape variety. In recent years, South Africa has made great efforts so that South African Chenin can compete well with the best grapes in the world. What's really interesting is that Chenin Blanc wines (especially from older vineyards) of South Africa offer incredible values with extremely competitive prices on the market.

In Loire Valley -  a cool region of France: the ripeness of Chenin Blanc can be so uneven that grapes are usually selected by hand in successive passes through the vineyard. The high-acid, less ripe grapes make a great base for sparkling wines. Then, the riper grapes are used in the richly aromatic, off-dry styles. Finally, at the end of the harvest season, the last grapes picked are beyond ripe or affected with noble rot, which concentrates the grapes’ sugars, lending rich flavors of orange marmalade, ginger, and saffron. These late-harvest grapes go into the famous sweet wines of the region, including Quarts de Chaume and Bonnezeaux.


Recommended Chenin Blanc wines:  PRIVILEGE DE DROUET CHENIN BLANC

WeWine is pleased to introduce white wine made from Chenin Blanc grape variety from Drouet Freres Wine house, Loire, France. Drouet is renowned for producing quality yet affordable wines.



Chenin Blanc - white wine style:

Sparkling: Brut (dry) or Demi-Sec (fruity and off-dry) are the main styles. Keep an eye out for Methode Traditionelle Vouvray from France or Cap Classique from South Africa.

Lean and Dry: In Vouvray, the dry style is labeled “Sec” and in South Africa, you will usually find sweetness information on the back label. These wines are tart, lean, mineral-rich, and sometimes a little smoky.

Aromatic and Off-Dry: Chenin's lush style smells like a bouquet of fresh sliced pears and flowers. This style is arguably the most popular all over the world, from the United States to Nashik, India. In Vouvray, wineries often use the word "Tendre" to refer to style.

Golden Nectar: The sweetest style of dessert wine can be found mainly in Loire Valley of France, including regions in the Côteaux du Layon, or wines labeled "Moelleux" from Vouvray.

It's hard not to love Chenin Blanc; due to its stylistic diversity from lean, dry whites and aromatic sparkling wines, to sweet golden nectar as well as spirits.

Chenin Blanc

Chenin Blanc and food pairing: 

With so many styles, it's hard to define a perfect pair. That said, you just try Chenin with Asian cuisine… delightful!



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