Le Grand Noir Les Reserve Grenache Blanc - Roussanne - Viognier

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Tasting note: The Grenache Blanc gives a slight spice peppery character while the Roussanne gives the body and grip to the wine. The small percentage of Viogniers gives a floral touch. The schist soil contributes to "mineral" notes, while the calcareous soil gives more fruit intensity.

Winery Introduction:

Le Grand Noir is a New World Brand from France – by a unique team of experts. The black sheep on the label reflects the revolutionary nature of the brand launched in 2005. Every wine in the Le Grand Noir range is a "Vin des Terroirs" – a blend of grapes from different soils, altitudes and microclimates. The aim is to create a wine with French qualities that could compete directly in terms of quality, consistency and variety with international brands from California, Australia, New Zealand and South America, in order to bring something with a different approach in terms of wine profile.

Website: legrandnoir.com

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