The benefits of using Bag in Box wines

  • Thursday, Day 24/09/2020
  • Surely most of us have seen wines contained in 5L and 3L boxes at least once in our life. This is called "Bag in Box". The popularity of these wines is being accelerated in the Vietnamese market due to economic utility and environmental advantages. Let's find out the advantages of Bag in Box.

    Bag in box at wewine store
    Bag in box at wewine store



    One of the main reasons for the trend of Bag in Box is the environmental benefits and low expenses in production, transportation, storage and consumption.

    Although glass is recyclable, it still takes a lot of energy to produce; Plastic and cardboard, on the other hand, are easier to produce and the carton (and plastic in some cases) can also be recycled.

    According to the YES magazine, wines that are environmentally oriented will be made from organic grapes, contained in BPA-free BIB boxes, printed with soy ink and sealed with cornstarch.



    Glass bottles are very heavy and each milliliter is costly to transport. Transporting a heavy material like glass is more expensive in terms of money, it is also more harmful to the environment. Switching to a paper box is an optimal and lightweight choice for transportation.



    Bag in Box is wine stored in a sealed plastic bag, with a carefully locked spout in the middle, which means that the wine in the box can be stored for weeks after opening, while the wine from glass bottles must be consumed in several hours or days.

    Once opened, wine Bag in Box can be used in 2 - 3 days. Similarly, white or rose wine in a 3 liter bag can be stored in refrigerator in some days in case you want to drink little by little. Because of the reusable advantage instead of drinking a whole bottle at a time, it is not a waste and we can enjoy the taste of wine more.



    If the environmental benefits can not convince you, then perhaps the economic benefits will. Glass is significantly more expensive to be packaged than cartons. Although it can be reused and recycled but if the winemakers have to pay more for the bottle, they can reduce the expense and reduce the price for the consumer.

    By using cardboard instead of glass, Bag in Box can be manufactured and sold at a much cheaper price. An unfortunate side effect of this cheaper price tag is the negative assumption from people who drink high class wine. In an industry where price is often used as a quality guide, it is logical to assume that if a product is cheap, it has low quality. But it seems that with the development of the society, wine is a great proof of having cheap price but still have excellent quality.

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