Drappier Champagne glass 16cl

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What is the best glass for Champagne? There is no perfect answer!

Drappier Champagne glass 16cl
Drappier Champagne glass 16cl

1. If you want to enjoy a casual drink of Champagne, you may go for a rather small shape of the glass. The “rounder” the better for the taste! (The long and narrow shapes prevent the aromas from expressing)
=> Here the glass on the far right

2. If you are looking to enhance the tasting experience or to pair your Champagne with food. You can both go for a wine glass or a more universal shape of the glass. These shapes are slightly bigger and will help aromas develop.
=> The glass in the middle is the one we use for most tastings (technical or with clients), as we believe it’s the closest to “real-life” conditions.

3. If you are focusing on the experience, for instance when opening a special bottle that needs time to breathe and space to open: then a larger “bulb-shaped” glass might be ideal. (Though they are usually more fragile and more delicate to clean)
=> The type of glass on the far left, which we use for our vintage Champagne, and sometimes Rosés too.

The most important is that you feel comfortable with the glasses you pick!"

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