Temperature in preserving wines

  • Thursday, Day 01/10/2020
  • Tasca d'Amerita wine cellar
    Tasca d'Amerita wine cellar

    Temperature is the most important factor in preserving wines for a long time. Temperatures have a lot to do with wines whether the bottles are stored for weeks or months.

    The best temperature for all wines is between 45˚ - 60F (7.0˚ - 15.5˚C) or preferably 50˚ to 55˚F (10˚C to 13˚C). The temperature for white wine is the same as for red wine.

    It is thought that there are several longstanding reasons for this storage temperature. In France, wine is often preserved in underground cellars, where temperatures are around 13˚C.

    However, not everyone has a cellar to preserve. If you live in a cool climate and if you plan to open a bottle of wine for the next one or two days, just leaving it on your kitchen table and away from high temperatures is fine. As for white wine, just leave it in the fridge.

    The reason you need to be concerned about that temperature is because wine ages faster when exposed to high temperatures, and chemically, higher temperatures are not good for alcohol.

    You can easily notice that a glass of wine has been spoiled by the temperature, then the wine will be brown.

    If you want the best temperature for wine storage, it's best to have a wine cellar or a dedicated wine storage cabinet.

    Wine storage cabinets are produced in many sizes and types. You can also build your own cellar if you have enough time and money. For example, you can turn the closet into a wine cabinet.

    Wine can also be stored in the basement, as long as your basement meets the above requirements.

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