Pol Remy Ice

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    Wine type: Sparkling

    Country: France

    Characteristic: Hot selling wine

    Grape: Aïren - Colombard - Ugni Blanc

    Brands: Pol Remy (Patriache)


    Award: Awarded 86/100 Points Sam Kim, Wine Orbit

    Fruity, fizzy and slightly sweet, this is a delightfully easy drinking sparkling wine with vibrant fruit flavours of nectarine and rockmelon with a touch of citrus lift. It is juicy and flavoursome, and delivers youthful flavours, finishing refreshing and lingering."" Sam Kim Wine Orbit. Pale yellow with generous foam and numerous bubbles. Fruity, floral and fresh with citrus fruit scents. Sweet wine, to be served cold over ice.

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Pol Rémy is an international leading sparkling wine. Available in different ranges, its fits with all the consumer’s demands.

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