Riesling is known as the "King of German White Wines" for its versatility, high acidity and exceptional aging. Riesling strongly conveys the spirit of the wine region while remaining authentic even under the most extreme conditions.

Today, let's explore the characteristics of this "royal" grape variety with WeWine!

Rượu vang Riesling


Origin of Riesling

Riesling is believed to have originated from an ancient wild grape that lived in the forests along the Rhone, France. Riesling's ancestors were frost-resistant and had small fruit. It was then crossed with Traminer, and later with Weiser Hoinish, resulting in a grape that is hardy, disease resistant and highly acidic.

Large-scale viticulture began in the 18th century when “ordinary” grapes replaced “noble” grapes. These wines were offered on the tables of kings and emperors at the end of the nineteenth century. Riesling is prized, along with Pinot Noir, the excellent white wine of Burgundy and the noble red wine of Bordeaux.

The German Rieslings were awarded the "Grand Prix" at the St. Louis in 1904.

The reputation of German wine was severely damaged after the two world wars, but at the end of the 20th century many ambitious young winemakers came to Germany, contributing to the restoration of the famous wine's reputation. this language. This period is known as the "Riesling Renaissance."


Tastes of Riesling Wines

Riesling can survive wonderfully in cold lands and can bear fruit even under the harshest conditions. Depending on the time of harvest and storage conditions, wineries can obtain both Riesling grapes for dry and sweet wines.

What is unique about "Riesling" is its incredible variety of flavors and aromas, depending on the harvest time and aging period.

Rượu vang Riesling

Young Riesling wines will delight tasters with aromas of freshly cut grass, ripe fruit or wildflowers:
• Fruity flavors (berries, fruit, citrus) such as apricot, nectarine, peach, apple, pear, pineapple, lemon, lime.
• Other fragrances: herbs, spices, flowers, minerals, earth, honey, honeycomb, beeswax, gasoline, ginger, rubber, diesel fuel...

Older aged Rieslings have an aroma of honey, wax, or dried fruit. But the most famous "Riesling" took on the "diesel" flavor.

An important characteristic of Riesling grapes is their high acidity.


Food and wine pairings with Riesling

Spicy and Spicy Food: Riesling's sweet and sour flavors pair perfectly with spicy, spicy Indian and Asian food; e.g. spiced duck leg, spicy stewed dishes with pork, bacon, shrimp, and crab.

Suggestion: Join Agriculture Counselor Tony Harman and Chef Nguyen Manh Hung (Hungazit) to make Vietnamese papaya salad with Western Rock Lobster, enjoy with a bottle of Riesling white wine from Leeuwin Estate, Margaret River.

>> Watch video here.

Rượu vang Leeuwin Estate và salad tôm hùm


Riesling Wine Suggestions for You at WeWine

The essence of Riesling, a variety that grows in a variety of soil and climatic situations, enables it to express its diversity without losing its own characteristics.

Let's try Riesling wines from the famous wineries of beautiful Australia – Petaluma Winery in Hanlin Hills, St Hallett Winery in Eden Valley, Leeuwin Estate Winery in Margaret River.

March 13th – The day to enjoy the finest Riesling wines for Riesling lovers around the world!

Rượu vang Petaluma Riesling được đánh giá cao Haliday
Rượu vang Yellow Label 2021 Petaluma Riesling Hanlin Hill scored 95 points!

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