French wine Cellier des Dauphins Val Soleu

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Tasting note:

Pale and brilliantly gleaming with rose-petal highlights. Thiol type aromas of citrus fruit/ Remarkably well-balanced and mouth-filling, with a persistence underscored by superb freshness. The elegance and aromatic power of Val Soleu transport us straight to the sun-filled valleys of the South of France!

Winery introduction:

Cellier des Dauphins: quintessential Rhône Valley wines

Founded in 1967 by the UVCDR, Cellier des Dauphins has become the pride of our winemakers and risen to regional pre-eminence. Its delicious sun-drenched wines are highly esteemed and synonymous with the voluptuous south’s art de vivre. Over the years, its renown has grown driven by constant innovation.

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