Viña Santa Rita chosen among the 10 most innovative companies in Chile

  • Wednesday, Day 08/03/2023
  • It was the only winery present in the 2022 C³ Creativity and Innovation Ranking, which seeks to highlight companies with a greater culture of innovation in the country.

    Santa Rita Top 10
     Viña Santa Rita chosen among the 10 most innovative companies in Chile


    The ninth version of the C³ Creativity and Innovation Ranking, prepared annually by the consulting firm Brinca Global and Universidad del Desarrollo, was recently held, which seeks to identify the most innovative companies in the Chilean ecosystem. In this context, Viña Santa Rita was highlighted for its culture of innovation, placing in the top ten of this select list and being the only winery present in the ranking.

    Among the outstanding dimensions of Viña Santa Rita that led it to be one of the winning companies are challenging work, referring to the motivation and meaning that people assign to their work. Internal openness, related to observing trends in the environment and working with customers and suppliers; and leadership, concerning the ability of the company’s managers and leaders to exert a positive influence that fosters creative work and innovation.

    Santa Rita winery

    “It is a great recognition of the strategy we have been developing for more than six years to manage and promote the culture of innovation, which is an essential part of our DNA. It is a cross-cutting, systematic, and inherent process in the different areas, where we seek to encourage employees to be constantly attentive and discover the explicit and implicit needs of their environment,” said Sofía Ibáñez, Innovation, Planning and Processes Manager at Viña Santa Rita.

    In total, more than 70 companies applied for this contest, which has been running since 2013 and seeks to reward and recognize organizations that stand out for their culture of innovation. This initiative is also present in Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia, forming a network that shares evidence, success stories, and best practices. It currently has more than 300 companies measured, 16 industries in its benchmark and more than 66,000 employees evaluated in these nine years.


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