Secret de Lunes Pinot Noir BIO

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Tasting note:

Color: Light pink with a light purple shade. Smell: Strong scent of red fruit and grapefruit. Taste: The wine is rich and strong, and retains an appealing mild acidity.

Winery introduction:

Since 1870 and over 5 generations, the Jeanjean family has played an active role in Languedoc winemaking history. A vibrant cornerstone of the region, the family’s goal is to valorise the terroirs on which their 7 estates are located, representing the full diversity of Languedoc wines and appellations.

The wines reflect the singular and solar identity of the Languedoc, a unique style with wines of great aromatic intensity and a long elegant finish, strong without being overpowering and well-structured without being aggressive. Going organic has meant that each terroir is well-defined and that those working the vines are protected. Each bottle is an invitation to discover the wealth and diversity of the land and to experience precious moments of warmth and sharing. These are the steadfast Jeanjean family values.

One of the largest winery in Languedoc, owning 7 famous estates
All wines are EU bio-based product standard
Specialized in producing high quality wines, not big quantity as other wineries
Mas de Lunes is one of the biggest estate: 10 km square and have reputation in this region
Wine style: Located nearly the Mediterranean, the taste of wine is rich in mineral. A unique style with wines of great aromatic intensity and a long elegant finish, strong without being overpowering and well-structured without being aggressive

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