Shiraz – Australia’s Best-Known Grape

As a popular travel destination, apart from sunbathing on beach or embracing the nature in Australia, many wine lovers like to visit local wineries. When talking about Australian wine, the key grape variety Shiraz could be the first thing comes to your mind. Being Australia's best-known grape, it has another name “Syrah” in France. So, what is the difference between Shiraz and Syrah?

Shiraz VS Syrah?

Shiraz and Syrah are the same red wine grape, which give deep colour and high tannin. Since they are grown in different regions, terroirs and winemaking techniques, they produce wines of different styles. Therefore, you may differentiate the two with their names.

In France or other European regions, it is usually named as Syrah. One of the famous wine regions is Northern Rhône, where the cooler climate produces elegant Syrah with good ageing potential.

While in Australia or South Africa, it is normally named as Shiraz. Shiraz is one of the most widely planted red grape varieties in Australia. Since Australia is not affected by Phylloxera, parcels of vines of well over 100 years of age are still farmed today, especially the old Shiraz vines in Barossa. Barossa Shiraz is usually medium-bodied wine with generous and ripe fruit flavours of black fruits and spices thanks to warm climate.

Style of Shiraz

Shiraz from Australia is relatively fruit-driven, with intense ripe black fruits, such as plums and blackberries. It also has a unique black pepper flavor. Also, it has medium to full-bodied with rounded tannins. After you have tried it, you may fall in love with its character!

Shiraz and Food Pairing

Australian Shiraz wine is usually full-bodied with strong flavours. It goes well with meat and stew like roast beef and lamb. Australians love barbeque parties, you may try to pair Australian Shiraz with BBQ when you visit Australia next time!

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