Enjoy summer taste with Australian wines

  • Friday, Day 11/06/2021
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    Application time: 15/06 - 30/06/2021

    Let's explore the beautiful Australia through fine wines from famous wineries likeTatachilla, Petaluma, St Hallett and Banrock Station. 


     Buy any 02 bottles get 01 bottle of TT02 Tatachilla Sauvignon Blanc or TT03 Tatachilla Chardonnay for free.

    Applied to:

    Tatachilla Sauvignon Blanc non vintage (TT02) - 440,000vnd

    Tatachilla Chardonnay non vintage (TT03) - 440,000vnd

    St Hallett Gamekeeper's Shiraz 2018 (SH01) - 614,000vnd

    St Hallett Eden Valley Riesling 2019 (SH08) - 767,000vnd

    Tatachilla Mclaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 (TT07) - 794,000vnd


     Buy any 02 bottles get 01 bottle of PT01 Petaluma Sauvignon Blanc (White Label) for free.

    Applied to:

    Petaluma Sauvignon Blanc (White Label) 2019 (PT01) - 819,000vnd

    Petaluma Shiraz (White Label) 2014 (PT03) - 944,000vnd

    Leeuwin Estate Prelude Vineyards Cabernet Merlot 2010 (LEE04) - 1,177,000vnd

    Leeuwin Estate Art Series Chardonnay 2016 (LEE07) - 2,884,000vnd

    St Hallett Old Block Shiraz 2015 (SH12) - 2,995,000vnd


    Buy any bottle get any 02 bottles of NEW Banrock Station.

    Leeuwin Estate Art Series Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 (LEE01) - 1,995,000vnd

    Art Series Chardonnay  (LEE07) - 2,884,000vnd

    Petaluma Coonawarra (Yellow Label) 2012 - 1,904,000vnd

    ST Hallett Old Block Shiraz (SH12) - 2,995,000vnd


    Buy 1 bottle of Petaluma Yellow Label Adelaide Hills Shiraz (PT07) - 1,350,000vnd.- get 1 bottle of NEW Banrock Station for FREE.


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