Tarapaca Reserva Syrah

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    Wine type: Red wine

    Country: Chile

    Characteristic: Hot selling wine

    Grape: Shiraz/Syrah

    Brands: Tarapaca


    The wine has a firm, rounded flavor and smooth high tannins. The taste of the wine is also a harmonious combination of the sweetness of Syrah grapes, along with the strong aroma of ripe tropical fruits such as strawberries, black plums and the light bitter characteristic of wines. Chile, all combined harmoniously, creating a feeling of excitement and roundness for the drinker. The wine also smells of oak, vanilla and mocha, creating a sense of relaxation and delight for the drinker.

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Viña Tarapacá was founded in 1874, at the feet of Andes range. Since then we’ve been making wines that are a reflection of our over-a-hundred-year-old tradition and contemporary elegance. In 1876, just two years after its foundation, Viña Tarapacá obtained its first international award at the Centennial International Exhibition, Philadelphia, United States. Viña Tarapacá is internationally renowned as one of the Chilean wineries with the greatest history and tradition. All throughout its history, Viña Tarapacá has followed a successful path that has led it to become an iconic Chilean viticulture brand, and to have its wines placed in more than 60 countries.
• No.1 Gran Reserva in Chile
• Green Company of the Year - Drinks Business

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