Wine connects people. Wine is also how we start our story.

Founded in 1995, with the name La Cave Hexagone, then changed to Vintage, WeWine is our big step forward in 2020. WeWine inherits values ​​and traditions from the Parent Company, and carries a special mission – “connecting and sharing".


What customers can find at WeWine:

History and reputation

As a pioneer in the import and distribution of wine since 1995. We have built up and developed a long term relationship with the world's leading suppliers, as well as the most demanding customers in all provinces of the country.

Wide variety of products

WeWine distributes more than 1000 wines and spirits from 50 renowned and exclusive producers from 10 countries: France, Italy, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, USA and South Africa.

With 25 years of experience, we have worked with the best suppliers of each major winery to create the most diverse product portfolio, with extremely competitive price on the market.

High quality

All WeWine products are imported directly from manufacturers to Vietnam, ensuring a clear origin and good quality. We always uphold honesty and bring “the best value” to our customers.

Professional process

In order to maintain products in optimal condition when reaching our customers, we always strictly comply with the following regulations: from selecting the most reputable shipping partners in the beverage sector, to storage. , storage and display in stores.

Wine experience

We always want to connect and deliver the best wine experiences to customers, through regular events such as wine tasting, wine dinner and master class. This is also how we share our wine stories and passions.

WeWine people

We understand that behind every bottle of wine lies a story of history, tradition and culture. All WeWine employees are well-trained by Experts in the Company and Foreign Experts. We are proud to have passionate and experienced staff and Sommelier, who are also our Brand Ambassadors.

Coming to WeWine, customers will always find the story revealed behind every bottle of wine, which is our unique added value.

WeWine is the retail brand of Da Loc

Da Loc takes pride in being the first privately-owned company licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade wine in 1995 to directly import and distribute wine, and has become one of the leading luxury beverage companies in Vietnam.

Da Loc is now the wine supplier of more than 70 high-class hotels and resorts, more than 1000 Asian, Western and Vietnamese restaurants. We have a distribution network of more than 200 supermarkets and shops across Vietnam.