Tosti 1820 Le Luccione Moscato d'Asti Organic Still Wine 5.5% Moscato

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Tasting note: 

This sweet nectar surprises with its unique character, born from the synergy with nature obtained through organic cultivation of the vineyards. The intense yellow color, full-bodied and golden hues immediately signals the uniqueness of this wine. The olfaction will immediately perceive the natural aroma of Moscato grapes, enriched by aromatic notes of sage, honey and peach; the notes of freshly cut grass are also perceived. The flavor manifests itself with persuasive delicacy and the elegant initial sweetness gives way to an articulate and complex experience of taste. The acidity blends with the voluptuous sweetness and goes to abalanced, fulfilling and unexpectedly long finale.


Winery introduction:

Tosti1820 produces wines and sparkling wines since 1820: 200 years of grape harvests in the name of quality for a family business run by the Bosca family for 7 generations. A heritage made up of years of tradition and culture in winemaking that led to identifying the best areas of cultivation and the best methods of processing grapes. This long experience allows Tosti1820 to produce quality bubbles with a strong identity.

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