Happy Lunar New Year 2023 with special Promotion

  • Friday, Day 30/12/2022
  • Wewine would like to introduce you - our valued customers and partners, our attractive wine promotion for Tet holiday - sparkling wines/champagne, white wines, red wines, which are valuable gifts for relatives, friends, and for yourself after a year of hard work.

    Rượu vang Ưu đãi Tết Quý Mão 2023

    Application time: 27/12/2022 – 22/01/2023

    Deliver across Vietnam



    Combo ruou vang uu dai Tet 2023

    Wishing a Happy New Year with a combo of sparkling wines from Tosti winery - 1 bottle of Sparkling Tosti 1820 Pink Moscato & 1 bottle of Sparkling 1820 Butterfly Tosti.

    Special offer: 611,000vnd/combo when buying from 3 combos.

    Tosti1820 has produced wines and sparkling wines since 1820: 200 years of grape harvests in the name of quality for a family business run by the Bosca family for 7 generations. A heritage made up of years of tradition and culture in winemaking that led to identifying the best areas of cultivation and the best methods of processing grapes. This long experience allows Tosti1820 to produce quality bubbles with a strong identity.



    Combo uu dai ruou vang tet 2023

    Wishing a New Year of Prosperity - Prosperity with a trio of sparkling wine/Champagne bottles:

    - 01 bottle of Champagne Charles de Cazanove Brut Tete de Cuvee

    - 02 bottles of sparkling wines from Burgundy, France Veuve du Vernay 

    Special offer: 1,400,000vnd/Combo 3 bottles

    Charles de Cazanove is one of the oldest in the region, and has learned to combine Tradition, Modernity, and Dynamism through two centuries of dedication to Champagne. Through the quality of our vineyards and the excellence of our methods, which remain respectful of the vinification process, Charles de Cazanove champagnes offer you the heritage of an inimitable style created to delight you and make those great occasions very special.

    • No. 7 Best-Selling Champagne Brand in France
    • One of the key wineries in the world of champagne
    • Charles de Cazanove's Winemaker is awarded IWC Sparkling Winemaker of the year 2017

    Veuve du Vernay is the representation of French elegance. It has style and grace but an innate sense of fun and mischief. It is a signature of French know-how but with a fresh, exciting twist, glinting with promise. Avant-garde, with a revolutionary spirit and a passion for life that only the French know how to express.



    Combo uu dai ruou vang tet 2023

    Wishing you an exciting, fresh and lively New Year like Sparkling bubbles:

    - 01 bottle of Champagne Drappier Brut Carte d'Or

    - 02 sparkling Veuve du Vernay

    Special offer:1,800,000vnd/Combo 04 bottles

    Eight generations family-owned Drappier has been one of the finest Champagne Houses since 1808, today exceeding 55 hectares, and producing about 1.6 million bottles per year. Drappier exports about 2/3 of its production in 83 countries, while maintaining a foothold in France which remains champagne’s No.1 market in the world.

    • Champagne Drappier was honored to be chosen by France President Charles de Gaulle for his private receptions.



    Combo uu dai ruou vang tet 2023

    Delicious Tet with Premium Wine - a Combo of two high-class wines for the Lunar New Year 2023:

    - 01 bottle of premium USA red wine Raymond Reserve Selection Cabernet Sauvignon

    - 01 Champagne Charles de Cazanove Brut Tete de Cuvee.

    Special offer: 2,450,000vnd/Combo 2 bottles

    One of Napa Valley’s iconic, pioneering wineries with roots in the earliest foundations of wine growing in Napa, Raymond Vineyards celebrated its first harvest in 1974. The original 90-acre estate in Rutherford has expanded to 300 acres throughout Napa Valley. Five generations of the Raymond family imbued the winery with a sense of its deep roots in the Napa Valley, and the winery has built an enduring reputation for elegant wines with a beautiful balance of finesse, power and complexity. Today, Raymond is a dynamic destination dedicated to inspiring its guests’ passion for fine wine in an environment of exploration, creativity and elegant whimsicality, where each in a series of diverse experiences progresses visitors into another world of discovery and exceptional wines.

    • American Winery of the Year - Wine Enthusiast


    - Offer applies nationwide when buying Online/Offline at the store.

    - Offer will end soon when out-of-stock

    Application time: December 27th, 2022 - January 22nd, 2023

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