Weekend deal for Grand Crus

  • Friday, Day 29/10/2021
  • Ưu đãi vang Pháp cao cấp Grand Cru WeWine

    - Make your weekend more enjoyable with Grand Crus and Premium wines from world-famous wineries.

    - A golden opportunity to enhance your wine experience, own great wines at an extremely favorable price.

    - Promotion in 1 week only October 29 - November 4, 2021 and may end soon when wines are sold out.


    1. Premium wine Insignia Joseph Phelps 1,5L

    Established in 1973, Joseph Phelps winery has brought fame to Napa Valley wine region, and Joseph Phelps was also the first winery in California to follow Bordeaux-style winemaking method creatively but still honor traditions.

    Mr. Joe Phelps keeps the winery a "family" one to enhance the spirit of responsibility and seriousness in making wines. He has a great ambition combined with a passion to produce quality wines. Perhaps that is why, while other wineries in the Napa region have adjusted their wines to be stronger, more eye-catching and more attractive, Mr. Joe Phelps still follow traditional style.

    Grand Cru Insignia Joseph Phelps 1,5L
    Promotion for Insignia Joseph Phelps 1,5L

    In particular, Insignia is the symbol of California wine, expressing Cabernet Sauvignon but in a fresher style, thoughtfully blended, offering excellent quality but a reasonable price.

    PROMOTION: Get 1 Insignia Joseph Phelps 750ml and 1 Champagne Drappier Brut Carte d'Or when buying 1 Insignia Joseph Phelps 1.5L.


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    2. Duo Grand Cru Classe from Chateau Branaire Ducru: Saint Julien & Duluc de Branaire

    What is special about Chateau Branaire Ducru?

    - Ranked 4th in the Grand Cru Classe classification 1855.

    - Famous for sophistication, masculine style.

    - Mentored by famous winemaker Eric Boissenot – a famous one Medoc, Bordeaux.

    Chateau Branaire Ducru always introduces the best wines among high-quality Bordeaux wines.

    Bộ đôi Grand Cru Classe đến từ Chateau Branaire Ducru: Saint Julien & Duluc de Branaire


    Chateau Branaire Dueru Saint Julien is made up of 80-85% Cabernet Sauvignon - a particularly high ratio in the Medoc region, from 35-year-old vines, the oldest are 90-year-old vines. When enjoying a bottle of Chateau Branaire Dueru Saint Julien, you will be strongly impressed with the perfection, bold fruit flavor and the freshness.

    Duluc de Branaire Second Wine of Chateau Branaire Ducru matures in French oak barrels for 16 - 20 months, 60 - 65% new. The Duluc Second Wine has up to 56% Cabernet Sauvignon.

    PROMOTION:  30% off when buying 2 bottles Chateau Branaire Ducru.

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    3. Chateau Lynch Moussas 

    - 5th in the Grand Cru Classe classification 1855; Is the jewel of Casteja - one of the most powerful families in France.

    - Located in the southwest of Pauillac and Haut-Médoc, near Chateau Batailley, Pichon Lalande, Grand Puy Lacoste.



    - Concentrating two grape varieties Cabernet Sauvignon (70%) and Merlot (30%) on a small area of more than 62 hectares containing a lot of clay and gravel. Vines are about 25 years old. The wine is aged for 16-18 months in 60% new oak barrels, aged 7-9 years in bottle before reaching its peak.

    - Lynch-Moussas contains a relatively high proportion of Merlot varieties compared to a typical bottle of Pauillac, so it tends to be soft, smooth, and has a taste of luxury. This wine is unforgettable, especially suitable for the taste of the Vietnamese market.

    PROMOTION:  Buy 1 Get 1 when buying Chateau Lynch Moussas.

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