1st Grand Cru Classe Saint-Emillion Chateau Trotte Vieille

  • Monday, Day 23/08/2021
  • The Chateau Trotte Vieille is one of the oldest wineries in the Saint Emilion area, dating back to 1453. There were very few wineries in Saint Emilion that begun to produce wine at that time, however many old handwritten manuscripts indicated that there were vineyards and wines produced at the castle.

    French Wine Grand Cru Chateau Trotte Vieille
    Chateau Trotte Vieille 


    Its name goes back to an old Lady living in the house centuries ago. The legend wants that close down at the crossroad was a stagecoach stop, and each time a carriage called, the old Lady trotted down for the news.

    All surrounded by walls the Estate has a charming Chartreuse with a man-sized Park, and all around its beautifully kept vineyard which is south looking, and enjoys a great view of Saint-Emilion Village, as well of the Dordogne Valley too.

    With an area of ​​​​about 33 hectares of vineyards, the Trotte Vieille castle grows 50% Merlot, 46% Cabernet Franc and 4% Cabernet Sauvignon. The entire vineyard is located in a single vineyard east of the village, receiving good sunlight, not too far from famous castles such as Troplong Mondot and Pavie Macquin, with soil mainly clay and limestone, roots. Plants dig deep into the ground to absorb nutrients.

    Chateau TrotteVieille wine is known for its minerality, roundness, freshness, and length. Young it is full of red fruit taste, with very ripe soft tannins, balanced, and has a wonderful capacity to age. This is the reason why it is particularly searched by Wine Connoisseur around the world.

    An exceptionally rare particularity is that Château TrotteVieille is the only First Growth to possess a vine plot that goes back to pre-phylloxera days, i.e. over a hundred years, of Cabernet Franc. They are separately picked, vinified, and every year before the last blend of bottling, 135 bottles are kept separately from the Grand Vin for memory and tasting. All 135 bottles are engraved, numbered and aged at Château TrotteVieille Cellar.

    French Wine 1st Grand Cru Classe Saint-Emillion Chateau Trotte Vieille

    Ecologically responsible in the vineyard during the year, grapes are hand-picked, cautiously sorted, then meticulous fermentation takes place in a plot-sized vat room. Wine is aged in 100% new French oak barrels, and bottled when it reaches the perfect balance that will make it able to age for decades.

    In 1949, the castle was bought by Sir Marcel Borie of the famous Bordeaux merchant, Borie-Manoux, later passed on to his son-in-law Emile Casteja and now, Sir Philippe Casteja is directly managing this castle. Chateau Trotte Vielle has confirmed its brand when it was included in the Premier Grand Cru Classe B ranking in the Saint-Emillion region wines in 2006.

    Chateau Trotte Vieille has recruited talent from established winemakers such as Gilles Pauquet and Denis Dubourdieu, and Thomas Duclos currently serves as the castle's specialist consultant. The quality of the Chateau Trotte Vieille will reach maturity after maturing for at least 8-25 years, especially with the best vintages, however very accessible even if it is a young vintage. Through the years, this wine still retains its youthfulness, with a little mineral taste. It contains more subtlety and elegance than boldness, perfect balance, relatively long aftertaste.

    Chateau Trotte Vieille is truly a jewel of the Casteja family empire - one of the most powerful families in France, joined together with Chateau Batailley, Chateau Lynch-Moussas, and Domaine de l'Eglise, the "aces" cards", creating the "four pillars" of high-class castles owned by Borie-Manoux.

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