Chiarli - the most famous Lambrusco winery in the world

  • Tuesday, Day 14/02/2023
  • If you're looking for a light, sweet sparkling with white-red-rose styles, at an affordable price, then try Chiarli - the world's leading Lambrusco winery.

    Nhà rượu Lambrusco Cleto Chiarli


    What is Lambrusco?

    Lambrusco is the name of a very old grape variety that originated in the region of Emilia Romagna in northern Italy. Local people use Lambrusco to produce slightly sweet sparkling wines. Since the 1970s, this wine has become famous all over the world, to the point that "Lambrusco" is considered the definition for sparkling wine style only found in Emilia Romagna.

    Rượu Lambrusco Ý
    Lambrusco (Source Wine Folly)


    Chiarli - the world's leading Lambrusco winery

    Chiarli is a Family oriented business with Winemakers through 5 generations, located in the heart of Emilia, in the heart of Modena.

    Chiarli is the most ancient producer of typical wines from Emilia-Romagna, North Italy since 1860. It is also the biggest and most well-known winery in the region, especially Chiarli is known as the Private world leader of Lambrusco wine - Over 20 million bottles are produced per year.

    Lambrusco has a lot of potential in Vietnam: a sweet wine with a bit of bubble, available in all types of wines: red, white, rose.

    Ảnh: gian hàng KINH THÁNH ở Genoa năm 1979 - một trong những cuộc triển lãm quan trọng nhất trong những năm đó, giúp Chiarli tạo được tên tuổi ở Ý và trên toàn thế giới.
    Photos: the BIBE stand in Genoa in 1979
    one of the most important exhibitions in those years
    which enabled Chiarli to make a name for itself in Italy and worldwide.


    The Chiarlo family has split into two major wineries to serve the diverse needs of wine lovers: Cleto Chiarli and Chiarli Modena. While Modena focuses on accessible, easy-drinking, and fashionable style wines, Cleto Chiarli will focus on developing high-end, fine-dining wines.

    Cleto Chiarli

    "A century and a half of wines, one family, millions of bottles produced, worldwide acclaim, and a goal to keep on improving."

    To accomplish this, in 2000, Cleto Chiarli was founded. More than just a winery, Cleto Chiarli is a blueprint for a world in which great wines can be cultivated, a place in which to nurture its proprietary grapes to perfection. This modern facility, equipped with the right technology, nevertheless offers an atmosphere imbued with history and tradition. 

    No rushing, no production pressure, simply the desire to satisfy the authenticity of the wines. 

    Here, iconic wines such as Premium, Fondatore, Vigneto Cialdini were born. These are so rooted in the local area and history that merely calling them Lambruscos would fail to do them justice. Lambrusco alone is unable to capture the linear profile and mineral tones of a Sorbara or the fleshy, fruity sensuality of a Grasparossa.

    Chiarli premium
    Chiarli PREMIUM awards


    Chiarli Modena

    Wine is unquestionably culture because of its history, its rich diversity, its infinite facets, and traditions. However, we drink for pure pleasure, without taking the time to contemplate the contents of our glass, simply relishing the pleasure on the palate. That's why Chiarli Modena is born - to bring about pleasant, clean, fresh experiences; and warm sincerity.

    Since 1860, Chiarli has been producing these kinds of wines, which offer quality within everyone's reach day by day. 


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