• Friday, Day 30/10/2020
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    • More than just a fad, Rose wine is the trend

      Since 1990, the consumption of rosé wine has continued to rise in France. And today, one in three bottles of wine purchased is a bottle of rosé! (according to IRI). In France, 9 out of 10 wine lovers love rose wine. It is no more a fad, but a trending. The consumer market for rosé is estimated at 36 million people.

    • Wine and Romance just seem to go together

      Wine and Romance just seem to go together. According to the online research firm Cyberpulse, in a survey of over 500 women, 59% of the ladies would like their sweethearts to give them wine, rather than chocolates, on Valentine’s Day. The women were reported to feel than wine was “more adult and romantic than chocolate,” and that they prefer wine because “wine signifies sharing and spending time together.”