Sommelier’s choice – 5 wines for a great Easter!

  • Thursday, Day 01/04/2021
  • Easter is coming close, let's put together a special menu of wines and dishes to celebrate this special occasion. A party should always start with light appetizers, followed by a few delicious main courses and end in a sweety way.

    1. Greek Salad & Sparkling wine - Bisol Belstar - Prosecco, Italy

    One of the most "successful" way to start a party is probably opening a bottle of sparkling wine, served with a delicious Greek salad. Greek salad is an extremely healthy appetizer, especially for those who are in the stage of losing weight. A generous bowl of salad with a variety of fruits such as cucumber, carrot, tomato and low-fat feta cheese served with the best Greek olive oil. Enjoy the meal with a glass of cool Prosecco wine from Italy.

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    Greek Salad & Sparkling wine - Bisol Belstar - Prosecco, Italy


    1. Roasted chicken & White wine - Le Grand Noir Reserve – Sauvignon Blanc, France

    Roasted chicken is an indispensable dish for Easter night. When it comes to chicken, you should add a bottle of fatty white wine to balance the flavor. We recommend Le Grand Noir Reserve Sauvignon Blanc - a bottle of white wine, light fat, from the south of France. Surely this is a great combination.

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    Roasted chicken & White wine - Le Grand Noir Reserve – Sauvignon Blanc, France


    1. Korean style Grilled Rib Finger & Medium body red wine - Nobilo Icon – Pinot Noir, New Zealand

    A bit of a twist for Easter evening - Korean-style grilled rib finger are sure to make the party even more fun. Korean cuisine has a very good way to cook: beef ribs marinated with pear juice, soy sauce, roasted sesame and a little Mirin wine. The meat is marinated overnight, making the spices evenly absorbed from the outside into the indescribable softness.

    Eating 1 piece of rib meat is fragrant, soft and not greasy because the meat has tendons so it's crunchy, and drinking a full sip of Pinot Noir from New Zealand is great. Pinot Noir is famous for its delicate, soft and sour tone that is very interesting. When drinking, you will feel the wine round, gentle and moderate, but not overwhelming the aroma and mild fatty taste of the rib.

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    Dẻ sườn bò nướng kiểu Hàn Quốc & vang đỏ Medium body Nobilo Icon – Pinot Noir, New Zealand


    1. Roasted lamb leg with herbs & Full body red wine - La Rioja Alta Vina Alberdi Reserva, Spain

    Easter night, the best thing is that the whole family gather together, eat, drink, chat, so choose a dish "the more the merrier": 1 big lamb leg roasted with garlic on a hot embers and a bottle of Spanish wine from the famous Rioja region will surely push the feelings of family members to a new "level". The rich, fatty, and rich sheep flavor is perfectly balanced with a powerful bottle of Rioja wine. The acrid taste makes the taste of lamb smooth again, balancing the taste buds in the mouth. And perhaps that is also the reason that people keep saying "Red wine goes with red meat" is so.

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    Đùi cừu nướng tỏi & vang đỏ Full body La Rioja Alta Vina Alberdi Reserva, Tây Ban Nha


    1. Lava cake & Sweet wine - Chateau Grand Dousprat – St Croix du Mont, France 

    For dessert, it's best to try a lava cake, paired with sweet wine.

    Like food, we also have wines for dessert. Chateau Grand Dousprat is a sweet wine from Bordeaux, France, made from a special method called "Noble Mushroom" - "Botrytis cinerea", a parasitic fungus on the grape skin that makes the grapes lost water, creating a flavor that is both fragrant and sweet.

    Bite a piece of Lava cake and feel it melted in your mouth, drink a sip of sweet wine, you will feel a pleasant harmony, balance: the sweetness of the wine accidentally balances the sweetness of the Lava cake, making the aftertaste be gentle and don't get too harsh. Even if you are not a fan of sweets, you should try it once because this sweet-sweet combination turns out not to be as sweet as you might think.

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    Bánh chocolate núi lửa Lava & vang ngọt Chateau Grand Dousprat – St Croix du Mont, Pháp


    The above are suggestions for an enjoyable "Easter" party with friends and relatives. If you want to try other wines on this special day, don't hesitate to visit our stores nationwide, or call 1900 636 749 for the best service.

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